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Natural Outlook, Spring-Summer 2007

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Do Your Part for Conservation

The TCEQ has launched a public education campaign to remind individual Texans that everyone has a role in environmental protection. As part of the "Take Care of Texas" initiative, the agency offers 25 tips on pollution prevention and energy-saving measures.

Spotlight on the Border

Under Border 2012, cities, states, and federal governments on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border are working on key environmental concerns. The binational program strives to bring understanding and insight to common problems and common solutions.

Gaining Traction on Scrap Tires

The accumulation of abandoned tires along the border has been an ongoing concern. Under Border 2012, U.S. governmental entities are sharing ideas and expertise to help Mexico manage the problem.

A New Chapter Begins

As the TCEQ's new commissioner, Buddy Garcia brings experience with border issues and natural resources to his appointed post.

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Celebrating Excellence

A dozen friends of the environment were chosen this year to receive the 2007 Texas Environmental Excellence Awards.

Get to Know the TCEQ Regions

Want to contact the TCEQ field office nearest your community? Here are some easy ways to find the closest agency representatives.

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