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Types of Tier II Reports and Timelines

Find out what types of Tier II reports you must submit, and associated fees and deadlines.

Annual Reports:

File each year between Jan. 1st –March 1st for the previous calendar year.
Fee required

Initial Reports:

File within the following time limits when there is a new reportable chemical onsite or a new facility has begun operating:

  • New hazardous chemicals or new facility: 90 days
  • New extremely hazardous substances (EHS): 60 days
  • Ammonium Nitrate* Exit the TCEQ used in fertilizer: 72 hours

Fee required

Updated Reports:

File when you need to submit significant new information on a previously reported chemical:

No fee required

*Ammonium nitrate means ammonium salt of nitric acid that contains more than 33 percent nitrogen, one-half of which is the 50 ammonium form and one-half of which is the nitrate form. Does not include urea.