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Sludge Transporter Reporting

Information on reporting requirements for sludge transporters, including record keeping and annual summary reports.

Keep Accurate Records and File Reports on Time

Be sure to record each of your waste collections and disposals and to file an accurate Annual Summary Report (ASR; form TCEQ-0316) each year. Help with PDF

Keep Your Records up to Date

The records you keep each time you collect or dispose of waste show your efforts to comply with the rules. If you transport sludge wastes by truck, you can ensure that your records stay up to date in these ways (if you transport wastes by rail or water, you may keep records by an alternate method if you obtain our approval first):

  • Keep up with your trip tickets (also called waste manifests)
  • If you deliver wastes to "beneficial use sites" keep the additional documentation needed for this activity
  • Watch out for discrepancies between the information in your records and the wastes you transport

File Your Annual Summary Report on Time Each Year

As a registered transporter, you must obtain and file an Annual Summary Report (ASR; TCEQ-0316) by July 1 each year. This report is a summary of the waste that you transported from June 1 of one year through May 31 of the following year. Each line of the report shows the total amount of one type of waste that you transported to one receiver during that reporting period. Use your trip tickets for that reporting period to get the information needed to complete your ASR.

For more details on reporting requirements and what forms need to be completed, see the Step-by-Step Guide to Registration, Operating, and Reporting Requirements for Transporting Sludge Wastes in Texas (RG-309). For state rules regarding sludge use, disposal, and transportation, see the rules behind this guidance found in Title 30, Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 312, Subchapter G, Section 312.145 Exit the TCEQ.