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Operating a Groundwater Treatment Plant

Links to rules for well casing, well siting. Sanitary control easements. Monitoring and reporting for public water systems that operate wells.

Related Categories

Monitoring and Reporting for Groundwater Systems
Monitoring and reporting that you must do to confirm that your system is providing safe drinking water.

Publications and Guidance about Groundwater Treatment Plants
Guidance for all aspects of your groundwater treatment plant, from design and construction to day-to-day operation.

Staff Guidance Documents for Public Water System Operators
Staff guidance for professionals about how TCEQ interprets particular policies.

Topics Under this Category

CT Study Information
A Concentration-Time (CT) study is a formal determination of the disinfectant concentrations and the effective contact time provided by a given treatment plant.

Chlorine Dioxide Disinfection Guidance
Specific guidance on using the chlorine dioxide disinfectant for public water systems.

Ground Water Rule
The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) has adopted the Ground Water Rule (GWR) to improve your drinking water quality and provide additional protection from disease-causing microorganisms.

How to Find a Licensed Water Operator
How to use our database to find out whether an operator's certification is up to date, including current continuing education credits.

How to Find a Water Operations Company
How to use our database to find out whether a water operations company has a current registration.

Lab Approval Form and Instructions
Public water systems must submit this lab form to be approved to analyze the following analytes themselves: turbidity, pH, temperature, TOC, UV, alkalinity, disinfectant, chlorite (at point of entry), calcium and/or phosphate.