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Assistance Tools for Construction Stormwater General Permits

Resources to help small businesses and local governments comply with the Construction Stormwater General Permit, TXR150000.

 Important informationThe TCEQ is in the process of renewing the 2013 Stormwater Construction General Permit which will expire on March 4, 2018, at midnight. A public meeting was held on September 18, 2017 and the public comment period ended the same day. The Executive Director will summarize the formal comments and prepare a written response to comments (RTC). This RTC will be made available to the public and will also be mailed to those who submitted written comments or formal comments at the public meeting. The proposed 2018 CGP and draft fact sheet are available on the Stormwater General Permit webpage.

PLEASE NOTE: Permittees with current (active) authorizations should not attempt to renew their authorization before the new permit has been issued and made effective on March 5, 2018. Permittees with current authorizations will have a 90-day grace period to renew their authorizations starting on March 5, 2018. 

What is the TPDES Construction Stormwater General Permit (TXR150000)?

Stormwater runoff from construction activities can have a significant impact on water quality. As stormwater flows over a construction site, it picks up pollutants like sediment, debris, and chemicals, and deposits them in creeks, streams, rivers, lakes, etc. The construction stormwater general permit is one way to authorize this discharge.

How can I access a copy of the permit?

You can access the Construction Stormwater General Permit, TXR150000 Adobe Acrobat PDF Document online.

Do I need to obtain stormwater coverage at my site?

If you discharge stormwater associated with a construction activity, you may need authorization. The need for coverage is based on the area of land disturbed.

  • If you disturb less than one acre* - no coverage is needed under this permit.
  • If you disturb one or more acres* - coverage is needed under this permit.

*If your construction activity is part of a larger Common Plan of Development, you must consider the total area of acres disturbed - even if the development is completed in phases.

If you need additional help to determine applicability, visit the Stormwater Discharges from Construction Activities: Am I Regulated? webpage.

How do I obtain authorization under this permit?

To view step-by-step instructions on how to obtain authorization under this permit, including links to additional resources, visit the webpage listed below based on the size of your construction activity.




Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWP3)
- An SWP3 is a document that outlines your plans, or best management practices, to control contaminants that may be discharged in stormwater runoff. We have developed templates to help you prepare a complete SWP3. The worksheets are available in PDF Adobe Acrobat PDF Document or in Word Microsoft Word Document, and Worksheet Instructions Adobe Acrobat PDF Document will help you get started. Remember, to update your SWP3 as conditions change at your facility.


Where can I find resources to comply with this permit?

The following resources are available to help you comply with this permit.

General Compliance Overview

Surface Water Identification

Edwards Aquifer Requirements

If construction is taking place over the Recharge, Contributing or Transition Zone of the Edwards Aquifer, additional requirements may apply.


  • Notice of Intent (TCEQ Form 20022) - Download in PDF Adobe Acrobat PDF Document
  • Notice of Termination (TCEQ Form 20023) - Download in Word Microsoft Word Document 
  • Notice of Change (TCEQ Form 20391) - Download in PDF Adobe Acrobat PDF Document
  • Low Rainfall Erosivity Waiver (TCEQ Form 20064) - Download in PDF Adobe Acrobat PDF Document
  • Delegation of Signatories to Reports (TCEQ Form 20403)  - Download in Word Microsoft Word Document 


Who can I contact if I need more help?

The TCEQ's Small Business and Local Government Assistance Section offers free, confidential help to small businesses and local governments working to comply with state environmental regulations. Call us at 800-447-2827 or visit our webpage at TexasEnviroHelp.org.

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